What If Your Airline Seat Was So Comfortable – You Called Up To Find Out How To Get One?

Have you ever sat on an airline seat and wondered why it was so uncomfortable? You’d think that if you are flying on such a superior aerospace design that they would’ve at least spent more time designing seats that were comfortable. Perhaps it was the wrong size, shape, or it just didn’t feel right. Maybe it felt good when you sat down, but five hours later, you didn’t feel so good did you?

Maybe this has happened to you, perhaps you sat in an airline seat, and considered it was one of the most comfortable seats you’ve ever sat in. This happened to me not too long ago, and I made a statement to my friend that I would like to take this seat home with me for my living room. Still, why aren’t all seats like that in all airliners? I have a theory about this and comes from … Read More