Siemens cooperates with Atos and Nexthink to turn data into experience

Paris, France May possibly 7 2020

Atos, a international leader in digital transformation, right now announces one particular of the world’s biggest digital office deployments. ”Digital Expertise Management” has been rolled out together with Siemens IT to three hundred,000 staff members in 111 nations, who are benefiting from major advancements in their digital office transformation, utilizing info and boosting their expertise. The companies have worked together as near strategic companions managing undertaking and company delivery. As a end result of this now improved endpoint eco-technique, Siemens employees’ fulfillment and measured productivity with their working atmosphere carries on to rise.


Increasing digital user journeys with automation based on sample recognition

This new office alternative applies a info-driven strategy for measuring, offering and enhancing user journeys and the day by day expertise of customers by means of the details on employee engagement, based on gathered info and precise comments. Problem designs and

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