The ICO is Concerned that Police Forces are Extracting Excessive Amounts of Data from Phones

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“Police forces really should put into action actions to assure that cellular cellphone info is managed in accordance with info protection legislation”

An investigation by the Data Commissioner’s Business office (ICO) has discovered that police forces in England and Wales are extracting “excessive” quantities of private info from cellular phones and are storing it in a manner that is at odds with info protection legislation.

Subsequent an investigation into the procedure identified as Cellular Cell phone Extraction (MPE) the info watchdog mentioned it is worried that police forces exhibited ‘poor practice’ when they take care of sensitive data that has been taken from cellular phones.

A vital worry of the ICO following a confined investigation of a range of police forces is that there is no “systematic method to justifying privateness intrusion”. The ICO is concerned that these intrusion into the public’s private info, without having authentic

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