Aviation Needs to Tap Emerging Technologies, Diverse Talent to Get Climate-Neutral

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“There is no market revenue without the need of climate protection”

Airbus’s Chief Specialized Officer (CTO) Grazia Vitadini has urged the aviation world to check out new fields such as AI and quantum computing in a bid to make a climate-neutral market.

Talking at the Intercontinental Aviation Women’s Association (IAWA), Vittadini mentioned: “As aerospace gurus we all know there is no 1 one option to the climate transform problem”.

“We want to push aerodynamic buildings and intelligent components. We want substitute fuels and substitute propulsion working with hydrogen in the equation or hydro-electric powered configuration. We want to push for automatic air targeted visitors management and check out new fields like AI and quantum computing which are enablers for these very ambitious targets”.

And to get to this point, the market requirements to turn into much a lot more numerous she stated, including that her aspiration of

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