A steady upcountry buying lift tea prices at Kochi auctions

A consistent and active upcountry purchasing coupled with good export demand from customers has lifted tea prices – both dust and leaf varieties at Kochi auctions this week.

The dust marketplace in sale 35 was larger by ₹10-15 and appreciated even more as the sale progressed. Grainier varieties these types of as PD, RD, SRD witnessed solid characteristic, the auctioneers Forbes, Ewart & Figgis explained.

The quantity supplied was three,94,318 kg and 99 per cent was marketed. The common rate realised was up by ₹177 per kg when compared to ₹165 in the preceding week.

The orthodox dust marketplace was also dearer by ₹3-five and much more and a hundred per cent of the supplied quantity of 14,000 kg experienced takers in the marketplace.

The leaf sale witnessed a solid demand from customers specifically CTC with ninety eight per cent of the supplied quantity of ninety two,000 kg was marketed.

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