Is a pandemic the time for an MBA?

Penpisut Chaovanayan is a single of a new cohort of MBA college students who made the decision that the economic crisis was the time to pause their career and update their credentials. In a powerful overall economy, potential college students are likely to preserve performing and chase promotion. In a economic downturn, the option price tag of not performing shrinks.

This January, Chaovanayan enrolled at Rotterdam University of Administration in the Netherlands immediately after leaving her advisor position at Deloitte in Thailand. “It is a wonderful time to examine simply because the consulting marketplace has been strike tough by coronavirus and promotions have been frozen,” she states.

The 27-year-aged thinks an MBA will give her the specialized and management competencies to climb the ladder at Deloitte as the overall economy enhances. “I plan to go back to the organization in 2022 as a significantly more powerful candidate for promotion,” she

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