After the vaccine euphoria it could be back to square one with Covid ‘escape’ variants

The BMA accuses the Government of “undermining public and the profession’s have confidence in in the vaccination programme” by denying people today the second dose that they had expected. 1 could possibly retort that the BMA by itself is undermining assurance with rule-ebook procedural arguments that are just about fatuous in the existing unexpected emergency.

We now have the makings of an unpleasant condition in Europe. The Commission muscled into wellbeing plan – outside of its treaty mandate or technological competence – and made a royal hash of the EU’s vaccine technique. It haggled above price ranges. It dug in its heels above lawful legal responsibility, not like the British and US governments that took the political conclusion to waive ordinary specifications. It put up trivial sums in progress to pull forward vaccine creation.

The mixture of forms and the unanimity rule among the 27 states led to paralysis. The

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