Hit by falling prices and labour shortage, pineapple farmers begin deserting their crop

With plummeting prices, the smiles on the faces of Kerala’s pineapple farmers have given way to wrinkles of concerns even as the 2nd wave of Covid has battered a lot of upcountry consuming markets.

The euphoria of a value increase, observed a month in the past, would seem to have been shorter-lived as farmgate prices of all types have dropped to ₹19 per kg following ruling earlier mentioned ₹40. In accordance to growers, the closing down of main upcountry markets and restrictions have hit the trade in a massive way.

Ramadan demand impacted

Kerala’s GI-tagged Vazhakkulam pineapple is the most sought-following assortment in a lot of upcountry places and the Covid pandemic has completely impacted demand for Ramadan. Pineapple is an integral part of Ramadan fasting.

Dwindling profits have pressured a lot of growers to depart the fruit in the plant and not pluck it. Presently, there are no takers

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