What is Fastly – and did a cyber attack cause the world’s biggest websites to go down?

Swathes of the world wide web like Amazon,  Reddit and lots of news retailers went offline on Tuesday following a glitch impacting a somewhat obscure cloud computing organization.

Dozens of important internet sites and hundreds over-all have been rendered inaccessible when Fastly commenced experiencing concerns, leaving the likes of the Government’s gov.uk domain, streaming companies Twitch and Spotify unavailable for most of an hour.

Some feared hackers have been accountable for the disruption but it emerged that a issue with Fastly was at the rear of the international wave of outages.

What is Fastly?

Fastly was launched by developer Arthur Bergman in 2011 and has grown into a important part of the technologies underpinning modern-day day world wide web use. It is a content shipping and delivery community that sells security and tools to other huge organizations to assist them deliver their content to consumers far more promptly.

Fundamentally, Fastly’s

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