Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Last of Africa’s Liberation Leaders, Dies at 97

Africa’s postcolonial leaders generally match a familiar sort: the independence fighter, the autocrat, the revered elder statesman.

Kenneth Kaunda

of Zambia was all three.

His 6-10 years profession in politics spanned the combat against British colonial rule, a Soviet-inspired authorities get for the country’s mines and last but not least, the tranquil transfer of ability by way of a democratic election. Toward the conclude, he was recognized affectionately as “KK,” an emotional determine who loved to sing ballads and who generally burst into tears mourning departed friends and foes alike. Mr. Kaunda dabbed his eyes so generally in community that a white handkerchief grew to become his contacting card. Zambians would wave them in help of their leader.

Mr. Kaunda died Thursday in Lusaka at 97 decades of age—the final of a era of African liberation leaders that also bundled South Africa’s

Nelson Mandela,


Julius Nyerere

and Zimbabwe’s


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