‘Several studies have shown that palm oil poses no risk to health’

India imports sixty for every cent of the edible oil it consumes and operates up an import monthly bill of ₹80,000 crore. Of that, palm oil alone accounts for 55 for every cent. In the quest for self-sufficiency, the government final 7 days released the National Mission for Edible Oil and Oil Palm (MNEO-OP), which seeks to give a huge push to domestic palm oil cultivation.

The target is to grow it on 3 million hectares around the up coming ten years. While palm is the most prolific and economical resource of vegetable oil, it has a genuinely lousy reputation. Activists connect with it the coal of the food world: lousy for wellness, lousy for the planet. In south-east Asia, palm monoculture has eaten into almost ten million hectares of forests. In center-course notion, it’s an unhealthy oil. Why then the push for a plan that practically requires us from

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