World’s Ice Is Melting Faster Than Ever, Climate Scientists Say

From Antarctica to the Arctic, the world’s ice is melting faster than at any time, according to a new world-wide satellite survey that calculated the total of ice shed from a era of increasing temperatures.

Amongst 1994 and 2017, the Earth shed 28 trillion metric tons of ice, the survey confirmed. That is an total about equal to a sheet of ice 100 meters thick covering the point out of Michigan or the overall U.K.—and the meltwater from so a lot ice decline has raised the sea degree just around an inch or so globe-wide, the researchers claimed.

“It’s this kind of a substantial total it is challenging to think about it,” claimed Thomas Slater, a investigation fellow at the U.K.’s College of Leeds Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling and the lead writer of a paper describing the new investigation. “Ice plays a essential role in regulating the world-wide

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