Oil and gas companies are the biggest producers of the world’s energy needs. There are various ways to rate the top producers of energy globally.

There are two principal ways in which oil and gas companies make their profits. First, from the profits they make from the energy supplied to households, and second, the profits made from the energy that is supplied to businesses. There are a few options of energy companies to choose from in America. You can search local review sites to read reviews on energy and electric companies in America and determine which can deliver the best service based on previous customer experience. Click on the link to read reviews of these companies and more.

How do energy companies calculate their revenue?

There are several factors that can affect the revenue and performance of oil and gas companies. This can help us rate the biggest and best companies in the world.

#1: Supply

The ability of an oil and gas company to supply energy to the country depends on the supply of nuclear gas, oil, coal, and renewable energy sources needed to create the energy to power households across America.

#2: Demand

They base this on the energy needs of users for heating, cooling, and light. Demand for energy can fluctuate depending on the time of day and season. There is less demand for energy supply in seasons like Autumn and Spring, and at night.

#3: Gas storage

Gas storage refers to the energy capacity that is currently available and is the difference between demand and supply. 

#4: Weather

In cold weather, we need more energy for heating homes and businesses. 

#5: Generational changes

Generational changes include shutting down older nuclear plants and converting coal to natural gases to supply energy more efficiently. Older plants need re-licensing, which can be a lengthy and costly process.

#6: Global markets

Changes in oil supply worldwide can affect the energy prices that consumers pay. Oil shortages can cause higher energy costs for the consumer, and an increased profit for oil and gas companies.

#7: Imports and exports

A company that exports their energy would earn more revenue than their counterparts that do not. 

#8: Government regulations

There are certain government regulations in place to regulate the cost of energy for the consumer. They are:

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – regulates the transmission and resale of energy.
  • Public Utilities Commission – regulates the rates and services of these energy companies.

How do gas and oil companies contribute to the economy in America?

Oil and gas companies are responsible for the creation of around 10.3 million jobs in America and spur economic growth in towns and cities across the country. It is the best form of sustainable infrastructure and brings foreign investment opportunities to American shores from powerhouse countries all around the globe. 


It is apparent that oil and gas companies have a significant effect on the economy, as well as supplying energy to homes and businesses across the world. The top companies are those that have the largest revenue based on the factors discussed above. For a full list of the top energy companies in America, consult government websites or regulatory bodies.