Tips for Managing Adult ADHD -

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (also known as ADHD) is a neurological disorder that displays itself through the effects it has on people’s behaviour. It’s one of the neurodevelopmental disorders that we hear about frequently, and it typically presents itself in childhood and carries through into adulthood. Among young children, it is harder to diagnose, as symptoms such as forgetfulness, fidgeting and taking unnecessary risks are all common in the normal behaviours of children anyway. However, the effects of suffering with ADHD are much more severe and noticeable as people develop into adults and can gradually have effects and cause difficulty at school, home and in social aspects. In terms of the home environment, people with ADHD struggle to maintain a home that is organised and easy to navigate, in addition to reducing clutter and ultimately lowering stress levels. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make life at home with ADHD easier. 

Remove the Concept of Perfection:

For a lot of people with ADHD, the idea of being organised and tidy can sometimes go hand in hand with this idea of perfectionism and ensuring everything is held to the highest standards. However, this idea of perfectionism can be detrimental to core functions, as it can make it harder for people to get organised and understand that the goal is always progression rather than perfection.

Create A Routine:

Even for those who don’t suffer with ADHD, creating a routine is a vital part of any home life. Creating a room for organisational structure is a great way to ensure you have designated enough time and energy to prioritise cleaning. Additionally, the notion of having a routine in place will help your cleaning and organisatoin routine become something you do on autopilot. 

Take “Before” Photos:

Individuals who suffer from ADHD often find it difficult to see progress- especially in terms of estimating how long specific tasks will take. Although you may find it pointless, or even embarrassing, it’s important that you take the photos. If it makes it any easier, bear in mind you don’t have to show them to anyone, as it’s just a visual reminder of how far you have come and what is left to be done.

Set Small Goals:

For anyone who is attempting to organise their home, sometimes we can take on more than we can handle. This can leave us feeling nothing but overwhelmed and stressed for no reason. Not everything has to be completed in one huge sitting, instead, take the option of breaking tasks into small pieces. This will help you feel more accomplished and deter any feelings of discouragement.

Pick the Right Time:

Those with ADHD often prefer to work through the nighttime. As there is no set time for you to accomplish anything when it comes to your own home, take full advantage of whatever time suits you best. You may find that you are more productive throughout these hours, and therefore that will be a motivator for you to get tasks done.


One minute your house is tidy and organised, the next it somewhat resembles a bombsite- this is completely normal. Decluttering will help massively in being able to not only complete organisation tasks quickly, but also will help you maintain your home. 

Use Audio to Help:

Sometimes cleaning and organising can become mundane and boring. A great way to avoid this and find some joy in the mundane activities by using audio distractions to help pass the time while also giving you motivation to help complete tasks.
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