The global economy has been working to switch power sources for quite some time. Because of changes expected in the climate, the world is going away from carbon-based fossil fuels to more lawful alternative energy services.

Renewable energy is playing a key role in this energy shift. Gas and oil companies are also striving to shift their power sources to environment-friendly energy producers.

Here we have made a list of green energy sources for you to invest in.

Clearway Energy

It is one of the fastest-growing owners of renewable energy in the United States. The extremely productive natural gas power plants and district energy sources add to its wind and solar energy folder. This energy stock also sells its power through PPAs that produce steady money opportunities for them. This company has delivered almost 10 percent of yearly total returns since the beginning of its conception. They have done an excellent job of making shareholder value over the years.

In 2018, private investors Global Infrastructure Partners took over the company. Since then, its total annual returns have increased to more than double what they were earlier. This sudden change of power has proved beneficial and now the company has more investment possibilities than it had before 2018. The company has expanded its portfolio because of the increased annual returns. Moreover, cash flow and profit have increased as well.

First Solar

This company is known for developing and making thin-film solar panels. These kinds of thin-film solar panels are way larger than the others. Thus, making them suitable enough to generate more reusable energy than opposing technologies. This feature makes such solar panels perfect for much larger solar energy programs.

This company is one of the leading solar panel creators in the whole world right now. It is in an exceptional place to make more and better shareholder value since solar panel demands are continuously accelerating. According to an estimate, this company’s capacity will increase effectively by 2030. It has already done a good job of creating very impressive shareholder value. It is also famous for its balance sheets that are said to be the best in the market.

First Solar had net cash of more than 1 billion in the year 2021, giving sufficient flexibility to go on expanding. Hence, it is one of the best places to invest for those who are looking to invest in energy sources this year.

Brookfield Renewable

This company leads on a global level in the production of renewable energy. It produces hydroelectric power, wind power, and solar energy as well. This company makes most of its sellings through long-term PPAs that help make a steady money flow. Additionally, it has had an impressive track record, since the day of its inception. Thus, it is one of the best-known renewable energy stocks available around the globe.


As time passes the renewable energy stocks would make some of the best interests for investors. These green energy corporations have already established their status of value creators and have the financial power to seize chances that should generate more total revenues in the years to come.