COBOL Code Bases Continue to Grow, on Tier 1 Application Tinkering

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Do not go gentle into that very good night…

COBOL, the programming language commonly utilized to run Tier one/mission-critical programs on mainframe computers – and commonly believed of in some stylish younger corners to be a relic of the dim ages – is really in impolite very good health and fitness.

Which is according to a new survey by Micro Concentration today, which finds that just after much more than sixty many years in the production natural environment, COBOL code bases are – most likely startlingly to some – continuing to mature, as enterprises modernise programs.

In limited, if COBOL ended up a man or woman it would now be holding a Freedom Go – but making much more use of it than numerous predicted. (“Do not go gentle into that very good night”)

COBOL Apps Normal nine.nine Million Lines… 

The normal COBOL code foundation,now runs to

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