Tea plants through tissue culture on anvil

Tissue culture technologies, which is at present employed commonly in vegetation this kind of as orchid and banana, could shortly be employed for rising tea plantlets.

The Tocklai Tea Analysis Institute statements to have accomplished a breakthrough in making use of the tissue culture technologies for commercial micro-propagation of tea plantlets at a affordable value and substantially speedier than common methods.

Micro-propagation fundamentally suggests reproduction of vegetation by rising plantlets in tissue culture and then planting them out.

The common tea plant multiplication methods transpire both through germinating seed or vegetative nodal cuttings. Neither method is ready to meet up with the mounting demand from tea gardens for superior planting materials.

“Tissue culture has the prospective to generate a large range of plantlets within just a small time from a single cell or tissue or explants (plant areas),” mentioned a press assertion issued by TRA.

Pranita Hazarika, a scientist at

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