Want to Be a CFO? Consider Some Numeric Body Art

There are all varieties of strategies to get on an upwardly mobile monitor that might culminate in a CFO appointment.

Even receiving a tattoo.

Just request Dave Raszeja. He’s obtained just one on his correct arm that sporting activities the to start with 100 digits of pi.

Dave Raszeja

“Getting the pi tattoo was most likely just one of my improved job moves,” says Raszeja, who will acquire on his to start with CFO position on March one at Penn Mutual Lifetime Coverage, a $3.3 billion income corporation that manages some $33 billion in property.

He’d been at Penn Mutual for 4 several years when, in 2005 at age thirty, he donned the tattoo to memorialize his passion for mathematics. A couple several years before he’d been enthusiastically pursuing a graduate diploma in theoretical math, learning this sort of knotty subject areas as algebraic topology. Soon after he obtained his

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