Interoperability can save lives, says b.well Connected Health CEO

Kristen Valdes said her daughter Bailey was born with a significant autoimmune situation, but that it took 7 many years and her daughter’s in the vicinity of-death knowledge to get the right prognosis.

Bailey almost died just after she was approved medicine for a sinus an infection that was adverse to her autoimmune disorder. The virtually deadly occasion could have been prevented had interoperability permitted medical professionals to see the whole professional medical file of her daughter’s care, Valdes said.

Valdes advocated for 7 many years for an proper prognosis. Alongside the way, there have been breakdowns in conversation, plenty of misdiagnoses, high priced recurring methods and diagnoses based on constrained and siloed overall health data. 

Sitting down in a specialist’s EHR the day a pediatrician approved a sinus medicine contraindicated to Bailey’s specific ailment, was the right prognosis for Bailey’s autoimmune situation. The specialist’s EHR file had no connectivity

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