Two-thirds of Americans say candidates’ healthcare plans, COVID-19 strategy are “very important”

A new poll from WebMD finds that a lot more than sixty seven% of respondents, the vast majority of them women of all ages, rank the health care insurance policies of the presidential candidates as “really significant” components in figuring out who they will decide on in the November 3 presidential election.

An even higher proportion of whole respondents, 69.5%, rated the candidates’ ideas for managing the COVID-19 pandemic heading forward as really significant.

The vast majority of respondents (59%) explained they fully grasp the candidates’ health care ideas, with a lot more women of all ages than guys indicating that they do (40% vs . 19%).

Of those indicating that the candidates’ health care insurance policies were being a higher priority, fifty one% describe themselves as female, as as opposed with 19% of those describing themselves as male.

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