Atos takes the most powerful quantum simulator in the world to the next level with Atos QLM E

Paris, 23 June 202

Atos, a worldwide chief in electronic transformation, extends its portfolio of quantum answers with Atos QLM Improved (Atos QLM E), a new GPU-accelerated selection of its Atos Quantum Discovering Device (Atos QLM) present, the world’s maximum-performing commercially obtainable quantum simulator. Presenting up to 12 occasions much more computation pace, Atos QLM E paves the way to optimized electronic quantum simulation on the first, intermediate-scale quantum computers to be commercialized in the subsequent several years (named NISQ – Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum).

By promising to use, in the near-expression, computation capabilities that are outside of the attain of even the most powerful current computers to remedy elaborate, genuine-daily life difficulties, NISQ equipment will enjoy an critical position in determining the professional probable of quantum computing. Herein lies a double challenge for the sector: developing NISQ-optimized algorithms is as critical as developing the equipment, considering that both equally are

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